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Mother’s Day…This One’s For YOU

It’s true that April showers bring May flowers, but dear goodness, May also seems to bring a FULL calendar! I don’t have children in school yet, but I can already see that May is packed full of year end exams, parties, graduations, sports banquets, and recitals.  Throw that in with teacher gifts, 247 birthday parties, […]

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The Older I Get…

I’ve been jotting down some thoughts as I get older. Some are serious, some are silly, but they are all #truth.  So here we go! The Older I Get… The more I become like my mother.  Seriously.  I’m turning into her.  I share EVERY detail of my trip to Kroger. I blast “oldies music” (which is […]

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Motherhood: The Undervalued Workforce

A few years ago, I was dropping something off at my husband’s office and met his boss, who doesn’t have children. He knew I was a stay at home mom, and he “sized me up” pretty quickly.  In his way of making conversation, he asked if I ever thought I’d go back to work, you […]

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Home sweet home

Be Where You Are…Home is Where You Make It

When I titled this post, I felt like I’d heard this very “mystical” saying before, so I did a Google search. The results were a Buddha quote, an excerpt from Joe Dirt, and a You Tube video by “Trey Songz”.  I will certainly not deliver this much variety or entertainment, but here’s my thoughts. As […]

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