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My son watching my husband cook

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle at Home

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, and with that in mind, I wanted to share a few tips on how to promote a healthy lifestyle at home. It’s never too late to start practicing healthy food and exercise choices, and hopefully we can break the cycle of obesity in our communities. According to the […]

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Family Picture during our trip to Shanghai in February

Raising a bilingual child

Everyone has something they regret during their childhood. Whether it was not being nicer to a sibling or not trying out for a certain sport, we all regret something in our past. My regret was not being fully bilingual. I grew up semi-bilingual because my parents would speak to me in Chinese with English blended […]

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WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

My husband recently told me about a new acronym that they discussed at his work, WAF. “What is WAF, sounds like a millennial acronym.” He told me it was Wife Acceptance Factor and basically it is the likelihood of a wife approving the purchase of an expensive electronic product. OMG THATS TOTALLY ME!!!!! My husband […]

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My baby at 6 days old

The Greatest Gift, a Love Letter to My Son

First birthdays seem to be a production nowadays, elaborate parties for many families that require lots of planning and money. I am guilty of trying to do the same, my son’s birthday is coming up and I got wrapped in the party and not the actual reason why we are celebrating. We are supposed to […]

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