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WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

My husband recently told me about a new acronym that they discussed at his work, WAF. “What is WAF, sounds like a millennial acronym.” He told me it was Wife Acceptance Factor and basically it is the likelihood of a wife approving the purchase of an expensive electronic product. OMG THATS TOTALLY ME!!!!! My husband […]

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In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives as moms, take a minute and help another mom in need

Don’t be a Mean Mom

It’s January, time to start (or end) those New Years resolutions. Most people say they will try to lose weight, give up caffeine or even be more adventurous in their life. This year instead do something for yourself and others around you, don’t be a mean mom. What does that mean exactly, well it doesn’t […]

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Friends can be like family, so remember to maintain those relationships even when you have kids.

Maintaining Friendships with Kids

There is a divide with a lot of parents, friends with kids and friends without kids. I know for myself I feel like I’m always isolating one group or the other. Your friends without kids feel like you have abandoned them and all you do is socialize with other parents and talk about kid stuff […]

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