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When Things Don’t Go As Planned

It was the first meal I was hosting at my new home. We had moved two weeks before and things were still a little messy. Boxes still needing to be unpacked, renovation projects still in progress, but I was embracing life and the mess and wanting to open the doors to the outside world! This […]

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I Didn’t Have Netflix When I Was Your Age

I can’t count how many times I have reminded my seven (almost eight) year old to turn off the TV when he is done watching it. Countless. Actually, I feel like a broken record on many occasions. Warnings on this particular offense ranged from early bedtime to no playing with friends after school until finally […]

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Collin County Non-Profit Spotlight: Twelve 12 Ministries

Each month, Collin County Moms Blog features a local non-profit organization that assists moms and/or families in need. We love the opportunity to spotlight how local families can help out through volunteering, donating time or money, and more, right in our own community. We try to pick organizations that our contributors know and volunteer for […]

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