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The Big Breakup

One of the saddest things in life is when friends grow in opposite directions. There are so many seasons of life that can cause this kind of distance. Marriage. Babies. Moves. The list goes on. Five years ago this very thing happened with two of my closest friends. They insisted we just weren’t a fit […]

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9 Tips & Tricks for Sleep-Deprived Parents

To the sleep-deprived mom who can’t see the light: I’m living proof that newborn night feedings and pump schedules will, in fact, come to an anticlimactic end. Sleep deprivation can ruin a psyche. It can ruin a marriage. It brings out the worst. Quite frankly, it can dredge up feelings of incompetence, inadequacy, sadness, and hopelessness. […]

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10 Ways to Save Family Memories

  Are you looking for ways to preserve special family memories? Here are some creative ideas to inspire you! Photo Books – There are a variety of online photo storage companies and apps that allow you to make quick photo books.  Many have artwork and templates available to help with the creative process. You can […]

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Fall Maternity Must-Haves

It’s still hard for me to believe I am going to be pregnant throughout the fall this year. My first pregnancy was spent mostly in the hottest part of the year in West Texas, so fashion was really the last thing on my mind. I lived in Nike shorts and oversized tank tops. This time, […]

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